Ceramic PRO Ohio Certified Installation Center | Flawless Cleaning and Detailing

What is Ceramic PRO? Ceramic PRO is a silica based glass coating that creates a covalent bond with your vehicle’s paint. Ceramic PRO 9H creates a permanent bond with your paint that can only be removed through abrasion. When Ceramic PRO 9H is applied and is fully cured it makes your vehicle’s paint harder so it can hold up to the elements. Ceramic PRO is self cleaning. It utilizes the lotus effect. If dirt is sitting on your paint and water is introduced, the dirt will encapsulate inside the water bead and stay off of the surface. When more water is introduced the water beads float right off of the surface! If that’s not enough for you it comes with a warranty that guarantees the paint will not be damaged by tree sap, bugs, chemicals and UV rays.

Detailing 101: Paint Correction Products

menzernaMany products are available for removing scratches from your vehicle’s paint. Did you know that a very large portion of these products do not actually remove scratches but actually fill them temporarily? Here at Flawless Cleaning and Detailing we only use the best products available. They contain no fillers, therefore you’re actually getting what you pay for!

Detailing 101: Dupont versus Ceramic Pro

How many of you have purchased a dealership protection package? If so, the chances are it was Dupont. In the coming weeks and months we will be doing head to head comparisons between America’s number one dealership protection and Ceramic Pro. The average initial cost on average is the same. Dupont must be reapplied numerous times yearly, which you have to pay for again. Ceramic Pro is a one time application with yearly inspections and no forced payment. Let’s see how Dupont holds up to scratches as it claims to be scratch resistant. We feel the chemical test will be the most informational. Stay tuned!

Detailing Truth: You get what you pay for!

Many people don’t know much about detailing other than they pay someone to make their vehicle look nicer. What if I told you the majority of detailers use fillers in their paint protection. Fillers just hide the issues in your paint. They do so for a short time, so it looks good when you pick it up, but a week later you can’t tell the difference. Flawless Cleaning and Detailing does NOT use fillers. We feel that you worked hard for your money and you deserve only the best! Here is a tip for you guys to give you an idea of what you’re getting. Get yourself some isopropyl alcohol and a clean microfiber towel. On an inconspicuous area of your vehicle wipe a two inch by two inch section. Next, grab a light and shine it on the area. What do you see? Scratches? Chances are yes. Please don’t let this happen to you. Educate yourselves about things. Detailers are all over. Professionals are not. 

Come hang out on the beach in Madison, Ohio while you get your vehicle detailed!

We are located a stone’s throw away from Lake Erie and plenty of wonderful places to get food while you wait for your vehicle to get detailed. Madison Township Park is a two minute walk from Flawless Cleaning and Detailing. You have a handful of choices to get some food, including an ice cream shop! We also service Ashtabula, Geauga and Lake counties.

Car Wash Services

Most companies do not get in depth like we do here at Flawless Cleaning and Detailing. Our full service car wash include the entire exterior of the vehicle, including the entire wheel; not just what you see, wheel wells and door jambs. Our basic car wash is done with economically friendly chemicals that provide a flawless shine. Carnauba wax or a longer lasting synthetic sealant can be applied at an added cost. We suggest a ceramic coating as it makes washing your car extremely easier. 

Professional Cleaning Services

Are you having company and don’t have time to do your house cleaning? Don’t worry, we can take care of your home cleaning in a quick and professional manner using the same economically friendly chemicals we use when detailing vehicles. Care to protect those possessions you hold so dear? Chances are we can do it! Contact us to set up an appointment so we can get you your personalized cleaning service started.

Professional Detailing and Paint Correction Specialists

We take car detailing to a whole other level! We are one of the very few professionally trained detailing technicians in the state! Our car wash solution comes in a few forms. All of which are economically friendly. That alone will make you wonder why you haven’t contacted us sooner! What you find at Flawless Cleaning and Detailing is simply not a car wash, but a truly professional car detailing service.